Arduino Playground Workshop

arduino playgrondElectronic circuitry is everywhere; it surrounds us much like the air we breathe. Cars, fridges, phones, stereos, supermarkets, highways… electronics surrounds you. So how awesome it would be if you could understand how it all works, modify the gadgets around you and make new ones of your own., In this workshop we lift the hood on the world electronics to revel an interesting parallel between us and intelligent circuitry, namely  INPUT, PROCESSING and OUTPUT.. In humans the input is the 5 senses, in intelligent circuitry it is sensors. In humans the processing is done by the brain while intelligent circuitry uses a microcontroller. In humans output is actions done by our arms / legs /voice while intelligent circuits can use motors, lights, sounds, lasers etc…
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Teacher PD on Microcontrollers

microcontrollersTeaching electro technology in a school environment brings with it a unique set of challenges, like equipment management, assessment and the interesting fact that electro technology us teachers got taught electro technology through maths and physics that our students have not learned yet.
The main focus on this PD will be providing you with the essential skills to plan and organize tens of activities that involve a relatively small and cheap set of components (kit provided for you to keep). We will build two projects from scratch and discuss assessment, extension and higher order tasks throughout. We will end the day with an overview of what we learned and a discussion on strategies of managing classroom activities and getting maximum value from the resources available at your school.
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Robotic Platforms and Sensor Arrays Workshop

robotic platformsEvery day, our lives get profoundly affected by robotics. Robots in factories around the world made much of the world that surrounds you, now you get to make some robots!!
The best way to look at a robotic system is that it is a computer program with an ability to move itself and other objects through arms / legs / wheels. In this workshop you will build a robotic platform with 4 independently controlled 2 directional wheels and you will learn the computer code that is required to control them. You will use the platform in 2 scenarios, one with a remote control and the other in autopilot mode with the help of an ultrasonic sensor
Once your robot is moving about comfortably you will set out to make him as smart as possible by endowing him with some of these powerful senses: light intensity sensor, accelerometer, tilt sensor, heat and humidity sensor and a motion sensor. By the end of the two day workshop you will be a proud owner of your own robotic minion who has a capacity to learn thousands of new tricks.
For more details on the content, equipment and dates see detailed description here